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Food Safety

At Sunrise Juices Ltd. a strong commitment to Food Safety & Quality is our absolute priority. We have implemented a comprehensive program to ensure we not only meet, but also exceed our customer’s expectations. 

This is done consistently by: 

•    Adhering to and continuously improving our HACCP System by

    eliminating or minimizing risks at every stage of the manufacturing

    process, from receiving through distribution of finished juice products.

•    Ensuring all requirements of government and 3rd party auditing

    bodies are adhered to.

•    Providing all employees the training necessary to perform their jobs

    effectively and not compromise the safety of the food product.

 •    Maintaining a high standard of hygiene practices within our facility.  

The Senior Management team at Sunrise Juices Ltd. fully supports the development, implementation, maintenance & continuous improvement of the Food Safety & Quality program and commits to providing the necessary time & resources required to ensure its success. 

Sunrise Juices Ltd. has been HACCP Certified by NSF-GFTC since 2010 and is audited annually to maintain that certification. We have maintained a Gold Star GMP rating since 2012. We are also a registered manufacturing plant with the CFIA and are inspected annually.

Food Safety Consulting:

Please inquire for details on how our in-house Food Safety professionals can help your organization.

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